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Streamlining a credit union's new initiative process

  • Custom development
  • Ruby on Rails

Much like many other organizations, CMAC creates initiatives to make their internal processes better. These initiatives are reflected in the form of internal proceedings. These proceedings are assigned to different areas to be executed. Because there are so many area, these acts become complicated to follow-up because of CMAC’s extensive internal structure. That’s when we stepped in to help.

User oriented design

The webapp we created supports the internal structure of CMAC with five user roles (Analyst, Evaluator, Assignee, Manager, Administrator). We crafted a clear, concise UI that is easily understandable and syncs up with the already established workflow. A call to action was implemented in each view so that users wouldn’t be confused as to what they need to do.

Cmacica design

A constant development feedback loop

CMAC already had a clear definition of how they managed internal proceedings. We managed to integrate it into our workflow easily, creating a constant feedback loop of information until the product was completed.

Seamless integration

Our application was designed to integrate with the existing directory for the organization. We made use of the database’s existing user and area tables to integrate the new webapp seamlessly with the company’s already integrated workflow. This helped us easily fit our software into the organization’s hierarchy.

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