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dev started out as a team of developers wanting to help the world learn. We’ve grown a lot over the past few years, with more and more companies joining our network. With more users accessing our courses every day, we needed a way to let users access our platform wherever they are.

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Designing a mobile learning experience

Our designers and developers focused on providing the most streamlined learning experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The information we present in our courses needed to be organized and readily available to users to be able to access any of the videos from the courses they’re enrolled in.

Devacademy wireframes

Truly native apps

Based on the structure of wireframes, we created high fidelity views in Sketch, where we used the graphic elements of our brandbook (iconography, typography, images, color and brand identity), which helped us for later use in XCode (iOS application development environment) and Android Studio.

Devacademy mockups

We mirrored the desktop design on mobile devices to make sure that users were getting the same experience on each platform. We also designed an Apple TV application so that our users can view our courses on the big screen. Users can also log in with Facebook and Google, providing a faster way to access our content with minimal effort. The videos for our courses are played natively, using each platform’s media playback to integrate seamlessly with the device's design guidelines.

Building application synergy

Our backend got an upgrade. Our Ruby on Rails webapp received RESTful API endpoints to be able to empower our apps with the content we provide to our users. Our new API allows for our mobile apps to use the existing multi-tenancy framework to give our users access to all of their courses. Any new content or updates made on the platform are immediately visible on all of our users’ devices.

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Kattya Cuevas


“dev seeks to improve software development. We develop our own web platform for our courses and adapt to the needs of our customers. We’ve gone through many iterations seeking to improve the learning process, and now have Android and iOS versions.”

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