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Creating an app for a revolutionary medical device

  • UX/UI design
  • iOS development

Hoope is a medical device that helps patients painlessly test themselves for the 4 most common curable STDs (syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and chlamydia infection). We built the iOS app for their flagship product, the Hoope Ring, giving users the option to survey themselves on the go.

Hoope ring

The development process for Hoope involved designing an easy onboarding process, showing the different diseases that the device could detect, the symptoms of each and a survey to determine whether or not a user needed further medical attention.

Hoope wireframes

Simulating a laboratory test within an application

After presenting the initial wireframes, we created high-fidelity views in Sketch, finalizing the testing process for users. We used Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to make sure that every screen was accessible by all of our users. We created most of our designs to make sure that it was streamlined enough for the average consumer, but detailed enough to let users have a sense of professional medical attention after using the app.

Hoope mockups

Sharing sensitive information securely

One of the apps key features includes session management, where confidentiality is key to keep user data safe. This feature was developed with Parse, a provider for backend services in the cloud. Using this, we were able to save user data and preferences securely. Onboarding was presented to first time users, explaining the features of the app itself. Results obtained from the questionnaire can be shared thanks to our Facebook integration.

Hoope design

Pioneering new devices

Hoope sent us a prototype of their final product to begin integrating the data received from users taking blood tests with the Hoope Ring. The prototype was built with Arduino and the results sent with Bluetooth. We were able to successfully integrate the iOS App with Arduino using Bluetooth to show the results to the user.

Hoope arduino
Hoope irina

Irina Rymshina

CEO of Hoope

“I chose dev because they are [a] startup, they understand what is Agile development and I felt really comfortable working with them. I really liked the transparency, and also they were so organized that every meeting was very structured and I could easily follow the progress and actually do everything on time and better than I have expected. I have recommended dev to other startups because I am really happy with their work and I think that they are a very good partner.”

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