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Building a digital storefront for a furniture company

  • UX/UI design
  • Rails development

iFurniture is a startup company in Peru focused on combining carpentry and technology to modernize the way we use furniture in our homes. They build custom furniture to enhance the design and manufacturing process just for you. We took the opportunity to help them with a informative web page that could easily be updated through an administrative backend.

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Designing a modern storefront

Before diving into code architecture, we created wireframes to demonstrate the basic layout and design of how information would be presented to end users on the website. We made sure to validate each design iteration with the development team and the future users of the application.

Ifurniture wireframes

Bringing a basic wireframe to life

Based on the final wireframe concept, we were able to create high fidelity views in Sketch. Instead of placeholder images and text, we focused on producing something that would look like the final product. We centered around bringing a mobile-first experience to the table, making sure that any device that accessed the page could easily sift through the information presented.

Ifurniture mockups

Creating a manageable platform for information

Using Refinery as a content management system, we were able to create a robust application that presents views utilizing the latest in web technologies - HTML5 and CSS3. Administrators of the site are able edit and update any aspect of the site. With this platform, users visiting the site are able to learn about what iFurniture is all about and what products they offer.

Ifurniture webapp

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