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Developing a booking app for a professional recording facility in Los Angeles

  • UX/UI design
  • Ruby on Rails development
  • iOS development

MicTap is a Los Angeles-based company looking to revolutionize the way that people use professional recording booths. They bring you the power of a high-end recording studio with the convenience of being able to reserve timeslots for recording effortlessly. We helped their idea grow into a reality by creating the app their service runs on.

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Designing with functionality in mind

Using the features we had established were necessary for the app, we created basic wireframes to validate the functionality of each feature with our development team and future users of the app. We created these basic elements for the webapp and for the iOS app, making sure to implement the same user experience on each device.

Mictap wireframes

Breathing life into a basic template

Based on the structure of the wireframes, we were able to create higher fidelity views in Sketch. Later on, we used our client's graphic elements to make sure that the typography, images, colors and brand identity were attuned to their brandbook. This helped us later on in development, since we had a solid guideline to follow while working in XCode for our iOS application.

Mictap design

Turning a vision into a reality

Our Ruby on Rails application is the powerhouse behind the data needed to manage an application of this scale. Using a PostgreSQL database, we were able to create data-rich views with HAML and Sass that didn't overwhelm users with information. We also created a RESTful API that hooks into any application, allowing for users to pay for their booking on the go, securely, with Stripe.

Mictap webapp

Our iOS app was developed with Swift, following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for mobile devices. We used Alamofire to be able to communicate back and forth between our Rails app. All of the dependencies for the app were managed with Cocoapods, and we used Stripe to manage payments securely.

Mictap ios

Both apps have the same user experience integrated into their design, allowing users to make reservations, view their bookings, and pay with Stripe. Each app allows you to define the technical details of each session, like the audio compression and resources needed for each booking.

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