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Bringing a university’s IT department up to date with the latest technology

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The IT department at PUCP is in charge of managing and administrating the digital infrastructure that every higher learning institute needs. Technology moves quickly, though, and the team all agreed on one thing - they needed to update themselves on the latest and greatest things in the field. We helped by providing a combination of online classes and hands-on workshops to get them ready to face real-world problems.

Learning from the comfort of your own home

Pucp online

All of our courses were streamed online, with each session lasting 2 hours on predetermined schedules. Our platform allowed the students to watch and interact with our instructors in real time, getting instant feedback to any questions and comments they had. After the stream was over, students were able to view the recorded session at their own pace, whenever they liked.

Along with providing live support, we also provided online support via email or video conferences. Questionnaires were created to make sure that the students were truly learning the subject matter.

Getting to know the latest technologies

We taught three courses at PUCP - a front-end development course, a web security course and a web development course.

Pucp web development

Our front-end development course helped the IT team learn about the fundamentals of graphic design, the latest front-end tools, frameworks and libraries. Our web security course showed the core elements of web security, along with the most common types of attacks against web applications. Our web development course reinforced both of these courses by introducing our students to UX design, mobile web design, web usability and web security.

Applying what you learn in the real world

We used the PUCP Virtual Campus and the PUCP web applications as practical use cases to put everything we learned in our online sessions to work. The workshops were held on-site at the client’s facilities and lasted 4-8 hours on previously agreed on schedules. Each session had practical project evaluations to help reinforce what we viewed in our courses.

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