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Forging a line of communication between stores and their distributors

  • Ruby on Rails development
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Riqra is a Peruvian wholesale and supply store that solves a common problem for many stores around the country. Many store owners found themselves trying to order new merchandise from wholesale vendors when they were supposed to be attending customers. By shifting this service to a digital storefront, owners are able to take back their business and focus on what’s truly important - making their customers happy. We helped Riqra out by building the webapp that powers their online marketplace.

Riqra app

Our goal was to create a web application that created a line of communication between distributors of products and the stores they sell to. Store owners can order directly from distributors through the app.

Working with our client’s vision in mind

When we met with Riqra, they came to us with a mockup that they had been working on for their webapp. Using this mockup, we were able to starting working directly on the app without having to create the design ourselves. Some minor changes were made to make the application more aesthetically pleasing, but overall, the idea was theirs. We helped make their vision a reality.

Building a digital storefront for an analog marketplace

Using HAML and Sass, we were able to create views that were appealing to users and were easy to read by our developers. An interactive and animated user experience was achieved through AJAX and jQuery to make the design come to life. Stores are able to login using Facebook to make signup a breeze, for which we used Devise and Omniauth. Deploying our app is easy and automated thanks to our hosting platform, Heroku.

Providing functionality to a digital marketplace

Riqra webapp

The platform we created allows users to get a general view of products for sale. It also allows for users to get more details on each product offered. Along with having a shopping cart at each user’s disposal, they’re able to specify a destination for their products, along with a confirmation of each sale made through the app.

Riqra jaime

Jaime Chiarella

Riqra CEO

“In Peru, software development is a complicated task for a Startup. We had the luck of finding Lennon with dev and their team. They gained our trust from the first minute, with a clear game plan and detailed definitions for requirements and precise timing for delivery, which is fundamental for a Startup. The entire time that we worked together, we saw their professionalism and high level of service. They turned into my first option for reference, totally recommended.”

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