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Demonstrating the effects of an international diplomatic relationship through a touchscreen app

  • UX/UI design
  • Front-end development
  • Rails development
  • Electron

The U.S. Embassy in Peru promotes an exchange of culture, as well as artistic, educational, social, and economic activities to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Peru. Many projects have been accomplished by the Embassy, and they asked us for a digital solution to store and manage information. We helped by making an application to showcase the work done in Peru in a way that’s accessible to everyone.

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Structuring a national project database

This project’s design was focused around bringing an organized structure to information loaded into the app with an easy to use interface.

Vspace wireframes

Our design team created wireframes to present to the client. We settled on a simple experience where content was analyzed and distributed neatly for users to easily understand everything.

Making data come alive

To display all of the content inputted in the admin backend, our design team created high fidelity mockups with an interface that demonstrated a transparent relationship between the projects and where they were carried out in Peru. Using Ruby on Rails integrated with RESTful API endpoints as the engine behind the flow of data, we were able to easily feed the application with information that’s always up to date.

Vspace mockups

Creating a simple, but informative user experience

The device that the client planned to present the information on has a touchscreen interface, so we took that into account when making the final version of the app. Using Electron, we were able to create a desktop application to make the content easily presentable through touch.

Vspace touchscreen
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